Little Suite for Band

Cover of little Suite

This piece is a suite in 3 movements.  The first movement, Prelude, is in a bright 4/4 tempo with a slightly syncopated main theme

The second theme is more legato, and later in the movement, the two themes are combined.

The second movement, Ballade, is also in 4/4, but the modal main theme is much slower. 

The middle section changes tempo slightly, and moves into the major key. 

The final movement is a traditional Rondo. The various sections are introduced by a rhythmic pseudo fanfare based on the interval of fourths. The first subject is a 6/8 tune.

The second subject changes key and style, this time featuring the horn section. 

The third subject features trombones again in a different contrasting style

and the finale brings all the themes together in a faster tempo.
10' 15"
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