Jekyll and Hyde or "Satan's Signature"

jekyll and hyde picture

“Jekyll and Hyde” or "Satan's Signature" as this piece is also known, is  based loosely on R L Stevenson’s novella "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" which relates attempts by Dr Jekyll, a well-respected citizen, to explore the duality of his nature by finding a chemical means to release his evil alter ego.  After experimenting, Jekyll finds a way of letting loose this “Mr Hyde”, and then recapturing him to allow Jekyll to return to his normal self.  This works well at first, but in the end, the chemicals fail and Hyde gradually takes over Jekyll, with the result that the latter takes his own life rather than allowing the evil Hyde to wreak his murderous havoc. "O my poor old Harry Jekyll, if ever I read Satan's signature upon a face, it is on that of your new friend."  (Chapter 2)
Musically, the piece is structured as follows. The introduction seeks to create a sense of impending doom, with an ominous timp rhythm, frequent semitone clashes, and a repeated four-note motif which changes throughout the piece to reflect good and evil
(Jekyll and Hyde, respectively).
The Dr Jekyll theme appears at letter A, capturing his nature as a good man and valued citizen. At letter B we get a hint of his mental processes as he tries to work out how he might use chemicals to effect the transformation into his evil alter ego. 
He succeeds at letter C, finding the potion which allows the transformation to happen and leading to the appearance of .....
...the powerful figure of Mr Hyde at bar 99.  The first statement of the Hyde theme is given in the bass end of the band at letter D
The piece continues with the various exploits of Hyde driving Jekyll to distraction, and with the gradual failure of the potions, ends with the reiteration of the fateful timpani rhythm and brass chords from the opening.  There is a final slow statement in the bass end of the opening of the Hyde theme, accompanied by increasingly tormented chords in the upper brass.
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