The Admiral Benbow

admidal benbow inn image

This musical ideas in this piece derive from the opening chapters of "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson. The opening section paints a musical picture of the Admiral Benbow Inn, where most of the opening action of the story takes place.

The inn is perched on the coast, a lonely, windy place where a traveller can seek shelter from the elements - and unwanted pursuers.

The individual who is seeking shelter in this story is Billy Bones, a drunken, unkempt rascal who often drinks more than is good for him, and when he does, he breaks out into his old song (before Letter D) "Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest", in an increasingly raucous and drunken session in the Inn.

That is followed at letter H by a depiction of (Blind) Pew, tapping his way around towards the delivery of the dreaded Black Spot (letter K).

The next section, more reflective and sad, captures the mood of death at the Inn, as both Jim Hawkins's dad and Billy Bones come to their respective ends.

Next up comes a much brighter, almost Caribbean theme as the treasure-seekers prepare to set sail for Treasure Island. The final short section echoes the opening material, interspersed with themes from the rest of the piece.

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